iMovie and green screen feature

In one of its latest updates, iMovie for iOS brought support for so-called keying, or a “green screen”, simply a function to replace the green color in a video or photo with any background. Surely you know this feature from TV studios, for example, when the weather host stands in front of a solid green background, but in the end there is a cloud map behind it. If you don’t know much about this technique, try searching Google for the phrase “green screen ideas”, switch to Images and get inspired.

So far, we have most often used the Green Screen by Do Ink application on iPads, which is probably the best available in this area. Its major drawback, however, is that it is paid, which can be an obstacle for some schools with a larger number of iPads. That’s why we’ve welcomed a new feature in the free iMovie application that offers key features of keying. So how does it work? You’ll need a video with a green background to try. If we want to create something like the weather forecast style, turn in front of the green screen and think in advance what the weather map will look like behind you. And this is the second necessary thing, a picture or video that will eventually replace the green color in the first shot.

The video and the new background are combined in iMovie. The following photos show the insertion procedure:

  1. You must insert the background first. This can be a photo, but also some video.
  2. Move the cursor to the beginning.
  3. Insert the video with a green background, but use the “…” symbol and the “Color Keying” option to insert it.
  4. Now you can see what you put in the first step instead of green.


The result will look like this: